Eerie #125, 10/1981

Eerie #125, 10/1981… Richard Corben cover

Eerie #125, 10/81 Warren, 2.25 Richard Corben cover All-new stories, all with art by Neal Adams. So… why the Corben cover? *Get EERIE at* Contents: Curse Of The Vampire! Fair Exchange Voodoo Drum A Curse Of Claws! The Terror … Continue reading

Eerie #7, Jan/1967

Eerie #7, Jan/1967… Frank Frazetta cover

Eerie #7, 1/67 Warren, 35¢ Frank Frazetta cover Frontispiece: Eerie‘s Monster Gallery: The Hydra by Gray Morrow *Get EERIE at* Contents: Witches’ Tide Archie Goodwin story, Gene Colan art It That Lurks Goodwin story, Dan Adkins art Hitchhike Horror!Goodwin … Continue reading

Eerie #126, 11/81

Eerie #126, 11/81… Richard Corben cover

Eerie #126, 11/81 Warren, 2.00 Richard Corben cover Contents: Zud Kamish: Crabs – Shobi crabs had been a prize delicacy, stupid as a stone, and easy to hunt – a bonanza for crab hunters! But lately they’ve been turning on … Continue reading

The Spirit #1, April/1974

The Spirit #1, April/1974

The Spirit #1, 4/1974 Warren, $1.00 Cover by Basil Gogos Written & illustrated by Will Eisner except where noted Magazine-size B&W newspaper reprints of The Spirit color newspaper sections, with a single color story. *Get Will Eisner stuff at* … Continue reading