The Godmakers by Frank Herbert (Berkley 2344 – 1973)

The Company Of Gods On a planet at the edge of the galaxy long torn by devastating wars, a man is assigned to monitoring duties – to detect any sign of aggressiveness that might trigger another conflict. In fulfilling this … Continue reading

Continuum 3, ed. Roger Elwood (Berkley N3022 – 1975)

CONTINUUM continues! The spectacularly successful new s-f series – 8 story cycles by 8 major talents is “a truly new type of anthology, a long time coming and quite unexpected, a real treat for every science fiction fan!” according to … Continue reading

The Mask Of Cthulhu by August Derleth (Beagle 95107 – 1971)

“In His House At R’Lyeh Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming…” In these stories, six luckless humans feel the power of the dread Old One, Cthulhu, and plumb the depths of primordial horror in strange adventures in this world and more terrible … Continue reading