Eerie #125, 10/1981

Eerie #125, 10/1981… Richard Corben cover

Eerie #125, 10/81 Warren, 2.25 Richard Corben cover All-new stories, all with art by Neal Adams. So… why the Corben cover? *Get EERIE at* Contents: Curse Of The Vampire! Fair Exchange Voodoo Drum A Curse Of Claws! The Terror … Continue reading

Eerie #2, 3/66

Eerie #2, 3/66… Frank Frazetta cover

Eerie #2, 3/66 Warren, 35¢ Frank Frazetta cover Jack Davis back cover Contents: Footsteps of Frankenstein – A retired doctor pieces things together in his spare time Archie Goodwin story, Reed Crandall art One For De-Money – Have a lesson … Continue reading

Dracula Lives! #3, 10/73

Dracula Lives! #3, 10/73… Neal Adams cover

Dracula Lives! #3, 10/73 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Cover by Neal Adams Magazine-size B&W comic magazine with articles & text stories. Photos from the Hammer Dracula films, featuring Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing, throughout. Includes a celebrity face-off of sorts with … Continue reading

The House Of Hammer Vol 1 #1, Oct/1976

The House Of Hammer Vol 1 #1, 10/1976 General Book Distribution, 30p editor: Dez Skinn Cover by Joe Petagno Writers: Steve Moore – John Fleming – John Brosnan – Barry Pattison – Benny Aldrich – Tise Vahimagi Contents: Dracula – … Continue reading

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine v49 #4 (4/67)

My collection is awfully small. I thrive on the thrill I get when I find something unexpected and, as much as I’d like to blow all my hard-earned cash on internet purchases, I just don’t get that same thrill unless … Continue reading

Tarzan And The Winged Invaders by Barton Werper (Gold Star IL7-65 - 1965)

Tarzan And The Winged Invaders by Barton Werper (Gold Star IL7-65 – 1965)

For days, Tarzan found half-dead natives, the blood drained out of their veins. At first suspecting a secret voodoo ceremony, he soon discovers a reason even more horrible and fantastic – a race of highly-developed mutants, requiring a plasma nourishment, … Continue reading

The Moon Of Skulls by Robert E Howard (Centaur - 1976)

The Moon Of Skulls by Robert E Howard (Centaur – 1976)

The 2nd, 4th & 6th Weird Tales stories featuring Howard’s Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane. 3rd printing (1st with illustrations) shown above. Illustrations by Marcus Boas. Introduction by Glenn Lord.   *Get it at* Title: The Moon Of Skulls Author: … Continue reading