Travis McGee #6: Bright Orange For The Shroud by John D MacDonald

The fragile-looking blonde was like a black widow spider feeding on her mate till he was broke and drained dry, a walking zombie stumbling aboard the celebrated houseboat The Busted Flush. And there lolls Travis McGee, that free-lance knight in … Continue reading

Travis McGee #18: The Green Ripper by John D MacDonald (Lippincott - 1979)

Travis McGee #18: The Green Ripper by John D MacDonald (Lippincott – 1979)

18th novel in the Travis McGee series by.1st edition hardcover. McGee infiltrates a terrorist cult, The Church of the Apocrypha, after they murder his lover. Title: The Green Ripper Editor: John D MacDonald Imprint & Number: Lippincott Publication date: 1979 … Continue reading

The Empty Copper Sea

Travis McGee #17: The Empty Copper Sea by John D MacDonald

Everyone in Timber bay thought my old friend, Van Harder, was responsible for his boss’s death. Now Van wanted me to clear his name. Travis McGee, salvage expert, saver of souls and dreams. First I had to find the truth … Continue reading

Travis McGee #1: The Deep Blue Good-By by John D MacDonald

Meet Travis McGee. Non-conformist, boat bum, knight in slightly tarnished armor – as he sets out on a wild journey through the wreckage of a woman’s soul. The first novel in John D MacDonald‘s Travis McGee series. Paperback original first … Continue reading