The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Title: The Martian Chronicles Author: Ray Bradbury Imprint & Number: Bantam 26363-3 Cover price: 3.50 Publication date: 1985 Cover artist: Ian Miller ISBN: 0-553-26363-3 Leaving behind a world on the brink of destruction, man came to Mars and found the … Continue reading

Born With The Dead by Robert Silverberg / The Saliva Tree by Brian W Aldiss (TOR Double 3 – 1988)

Born With The Dead The dead walk… but only with each other Nebula Award winner. Originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 4/74. The Saliva Tree The aliens were hungry – and Earth was the perfect farmland! … Continue reading

The Year’s Best S-F: 5th Annual Edition, ed. Judith Merril (Dell F118 – 1961)

Out Of This World Here are over 20 selections of the greatest in s.f…. culled from the thousands published during the past year… representing the best in adventure, excitement, originality, and sheer reading pleasure… chosen by Judith Merril, an editor … Continue reading

The Edge Of Tomorrow by Howard Fast

The Edge Of Tomorrow by Howard Fast (Bantam F3309 – 1066)

Way Out! Howard Fast, author of some of the most popular books of our time, leaps all the barriers of time and space and imagination to create some of the most startling, provocative science fiction stories ever written. Read them … Continue reading

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, 10/74

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction V47 #4 (#281) 10/74, $1.00 Cover: Rudi Wolff Inc Reginold Bretnor – Count Von Schimmelhorn And The Time-Pony (4th in the Papa Schimmelhorn series) Harlan Ellison – Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: … Continue reading

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, 9/68

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction V35 #3 (#208) 9/68, 50¢ Cover: Chesley Bonestell Stories: Piers Anthony – Sos the Rope (conclusion of the serialized story which became the first chapter of the Battle Circle series) Ed Jesby – … Continue reading

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, 7/66

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction V31 #1 (#182) 7/66, 50¢ Cover: Chesley Bonestell Stories: Keith Laumer – Founder’s Day Ardrey Marshall – Brain Bank Jack Vance – The Manse Of Iucounu (eventually incorporated into the Dying Earth series … Continue reading

Outsiders: Children Of Wonder, ed. William Tenn (Perma P291 – 1954)

21 remarkable stories of imagination and invention Title: Outsiders: Children Of Wonder Editor: William Tenn Imprint & Number: Perma P291 Cover price: 35¢ Publication date: 1954 Cover artist: Richard Powers ISBN: none Introduction by the editor. Includes: Part 1: Wild … Continue reading

The Coming Of The Terrans by Leigh Brackett (Ace G-669 – 1967)

When Earthmen came to Mars, they found a world of dead sea0bottoms, lost civilizations, and secretive barbarian tribes who resented their intrusion on this ancient planet and sneered at the gleaming products of Terrestrial science. The Earthmen in turn looked … Continue reading

Return To Otherness by Henry Kuttner (Ballantine F619 – 1962)

A paperback original first edition anthology. Ballantine’s follow-up to Kuttner’s Bypass To Otherness. All stories jointly authored by Kuttner’s wife CL Moore. Although not credited in this book, she was credited at the time of each of the stories’ original … Continue reading