The Frankenstein Papers

The Frankenstein Papers by Fred Saberhagen (Baen, 1986)

Title: The Frankenstein Papers Author: Fred Saberhagen Imprint & Number: Baem 65550-7 Cover price: 3.50 Publication date: 2/1986 Cover artist: Steve Hickson A paperback original first edition. Dr. Frankenstein’s creature attempts to discover the truth behind his creation. With help … Continue reading

Cthulhu-The Mythos And Kindred Horrors by Robert E Howard (Baen, 1992)

The true gods of Earth existed long before our ancestors crawled mindless upon the shore: Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep… insatiate, tenebrous monsters, whose ultimate throne is Chaos. Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that … Continue reading