Montgomery Nash #1: The Bloody Medallion by Richard Telfair (Gold Medal, 1960)

Title: The Bloody Medallion Author: Richard Telfair (pseudonym of Richard Jessup) Imprint & Number: Gold Medal 407 (British series) Cover price: 2/- Publication date: 1960 Cover artist: Bill Johnson British edition, published by Frederick Muller Ltd, originally published in 1959 … Continue reading

Stag Vol 11 #7, July/1960

Stag Vol 11 #7, July/1960

Stag Vol 11 #7, 7/1960 Atlas, 35¢ editorial director: Noah Sarlat Cover by Mort Künstler Contents: The Sergeant Who Decoyed The Nazis’ Fraulein Werewolves – WWII story by James Collier; illustrated by Mort Künstler One Last Fight, One Last Drink, One … Continue reading

The New Black Mask #8 (Harvest/HBJ – 1987)

Final issue of The New Black Mask, a quarterly magazine (although it resembles an over-sized paperback more than a mag) containing many top notch contributors, edited by Matthew J Bruccoli & Richard Layman, published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. Cover art … Continue reading

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine #310 (9/69)

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine v54 #3 (whole # 310) 12 Stories – 10 new… Purchased because of the inclusion of the reprinted James Bond story, Property Of A Lady, by Ian Fleming. The other reprinted story is Double Image by … Continue reading

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine v49 #4 (4/67)

My collection is awfully small. I thrive on the thrill I get when I find something unexpected and, as much as I’d like to blow all my hard-earned cash on internet purchases, I just don’t get that same thrill unless … Continue reading