Pulp Fiction, ed. Maxim Jakubowski (Castle Books - 2002)

Pulp Fiction, ed. Maxim Jakubowski (Castle Books – 2002)

Fast action and wild, wild pleasure… The paper may have yellowed and crumbled away but the stories and a thousand thrills still hit the spot. Join the shady operators, voluptuous molls, ruthless bigshots, crooked (and sometimes honest) cops on a … Continue reading

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, 7/66

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction V31 #1 (#182) 7/66, 50¢ Cover: Chesley Bonestell Stories: Keith Laumer – Founder’s Day Ardrey Marshall – Brain Bank Jack Vance – The Manse Of Iucounu (eventually incorporated into the Dying Earth series … Continue reading

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine v49 #4 (4/67)

My collection is awfully small. I thrive on the thrill I get when I find something unexpected and, as much as I’d like to blow all my hard-earned cash on internet purchases, I just don’t get that same thrill unless … Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock’s Noose Report (Dell 6455 – 1966)

14 breath-taking hangman’s knots that are not to be missed *get it at Amazon.com* Title: Alfred Hitchcock’s Noose Report Editor: Alfred Hitchcock Imprint & Number: Dell 6455 Cover price: 50¢ Publication date: 1966 Cover artist: Fred Banbery ISBN: none Featuring … Continue reading

6 From Beyond Worlds, ed. TE Dikty (Crest S258 – 1958)

Awesome tales of adventure into the terrifying unknown by six leading science-fiction writers A paperback original first edition. Selected from The Best Science Fiction Stories And Novels 1956 Find a copy at Amazon.com! Title: 6 From Beyond Worlds Editor: TE … Continue reading

Atoms And Evil by Robert Bloch (Gold Medal S1231 - 1962)

Atoms And Evil by Robert Bloch (Gold Medal S1231 – 1962)

A paperback original first edition “by Robert Bloch teller of tall tales, author of Psycho, and the inventor of a thousand possible tomorrows” *Get it at Amazon.com* Title: Atoms And Evil Author: Robert Bloch Imprint & Number: Gold Medal S1231 … Continue reading