Outsiders: Children Of Wonder, ed. William Tenn (Perma P291 – 1954)

21 remarkable stories of imagination and invention Title: Outsiders: Children Of Wonder Editor: William Tenn Imprint & Number: Perma P291 Cover price: 35¢ Publication date: 1954 Cover artist: Richard Powers ISBN: none Introduction by the editor. Includes: Part 1: Wild … Continue reading

The Others, ed. Terry Carr (Gold Medal R2044 - 1969)

The Others, ed. Terry Carr (Gold Medal R2044 – 1969)

The Others are all around us – with their third eyes hidden, with their schemes for tyranny  concealed. A very few of us are in on the secret. Can you afford not to be? A paperback original first edition anthology. … Continue reading

Shock! by Richard Matheson (Dell First Edition B195 – 1961)

Thirteen tales to thrill and terrify by one of today’s most imaginative writers of fantasy & science fiction Matheson’s 3rd short story collection. A paperback original first edition. Title: Shock! Author: Richard Matheson Imprint & Number: Dell First Edition B195 … Continue reading