The Year’s Best S-F: 5th Annual Edition, ed. Judith Merril (Dell F118 – 1961)

Out Of This World Here are over 20 selections of the greatest in s.f…. culled from the thousands published during the past year… representing the best in adventure, excitement, originality, and sheer reading pleasure… chosen by Judith Merril, an editor … Continue reading

Skylark #1: The Skylark Of Space by Edward E Smith (Pyramid F-764 – 1962)

It Started On Earth… Scientist Richard Seaton had discovered the secret of complete release of ultimate energy – the key to space flight. The powerful, unscrupulous DuQuesne, backed by a great industrial combine, tried murder and theft to gain the … Continue reading

Mortals And Monsters by Lester del Rey (Ballantine U2236 – 1965)

Lester Del Rey Science fiction’s most argumentative writer. Mr del Rey is an authority on music, religion, biology, witchcraft, extra sensory perception, flying saucers and worse. In fact, he would probably be unbearable if it were not for his sense … Continue reading

Childhood’s End by Arthur C Clarke (Ballantine 33 – 1953 & U2111 – 1964)

Alien visitors influence the evolution of mankind in this SF classic by Clarke. Ballantine 33, above, is a paperback original first edition. Ballantine U2111 below is the 6th edition. Covers by Richard Powers. Awarded a Retro Hugo award in 2004. … Continue reading

Outsiders: Children Of Wonder, ed. William Tenn (Perma P291 – 1954)

21 remarkable stories of imagination and invention Title: Outsiders: Children Of Wonder Editor: William Tenn Imprint & Number: Perma P291 Cover price: 35¢ Publication date: 1954 Cover artist: Richard Powers ISBN: none Introduction by the editor. Includes: Part 1: Wild … Continue reading