Q.B.I. by Ellery Queen (Pocket, 1956)

Title: Q.B.I. (Queen’s Bureau of Investigation) Editor: Ellery Queen Imprint & Number: Pocket 1118 Cover price: .25 Publication date: 5/1956 Cover artist: photo by Milton Herder A collection of short stories previously published in This Week, Today’s Family and Ellery … Continue reading

Perry Mason #40: The Case Of The Grinning Gorilla by Erle Stanley Gardner (Pocket, 1956)

Title: The Case Of The Grinning Gorilla Author: Erle Stanley Gardner Imprint & Number: Pocket 1121 Cover price: .25 Publication date: 6/1956 Cover artist: Milton Herder (photo) From the back cover: An Intimate Diary And The Juiciest Pin-Ups Perry Mason … Continue reading

The Compact Book Of Hunting, ed. Jim Rikhoff (American Sports Library 110 – 1964)

The title says it all, especially “Compact,” at only 93 pages. I’m not a hunter but I can’t imagine this being more than an introduction to the hobby given the number of photos included… lots of old dudes in funny … Continue reading

Tom Harmon’s Book Of Sports Information (American Sports Library 108 – 1963)

A paperback original first edition by former college football star and sportscaster Tom Harmon.   *Get it at Amazon.com* Title: Tom Harmon’s Book Of Sports Information Author: Tom Harmon with Jim Benagh Imprint & Number: American Sports Library 108 Cover … Continue reading

Mike Shayne #60: Fourth Down To Death by Brett Halliday (Dell 2699 – 1975)

Pro-Ball Groupie She was a locker-room fantasy. She said she was a nurse and made more forward passes at her quarterback patient than either hospital or game rules allowed. Her strategy was deadly, but Mike Shayne couldn’t read her signals … Continue reading

The ‘Vette And Other Great Cars You Won’t Forget by Jay Schleifer (Pal Y3 – 1974)

A juvenile book profiling the Corvette, Model-T, Jeep, Chaparral, Indy jet car, Volkswagen Beetle, and the Ford GT40. Edited by Patricia McCarthy. *Copies available from Amazon.com* Title: The ‘Vette And Other Great Cars You Won’t Forget Author: Jay Schleifer Imprint … Continue reading