The Lacquer Screen by Robert Van Gulik

Judge Dee #8: The Lacquer Screen by Robert Van Gulik (Paperback Library 75-453 – 1974)

The Lacquer Screen finds Judge Dee consorting with criminals as he goes incognito into the underworld of Weiping. Bargaining with thieves, sharing beds with prostitutes, he discovers the evidence to expose among the upper classes fraud, perversion – and murder. … Continue reading

Dark Shadows #4: The Mystery Of Collinwood by Marilyn Ross (Paperback Library 52-610 – 1969)

Victoria stood on the ledge known as Suicide Cliffs and stared down at the raging surf and jagged rocks below. Next to her stood Professor Mark Veno, a mysterious visitor to Collinwood. He spoke to her in a low, sinister … Continue reading

Kung Fu #3: Superstition by Howard Lee (Paperback Library 76-466 – 1973)

Listened for – they cannot be heard Looked for – they cannot be seen Felt for – they cannot be touched The Masters of the Elite Science of Kung Fu Caine is such a master! Half-American, half-Chinese, he has been … Continue reading

Dwellers In The Mirage by A Merritt

Against the savage color of a monstrous myth-world come true, A. Merritt, master of science-fiction adventure, spins a hair-raising tale of LEIF LANGDON, suddenly ripped from the 20th century and plunged into another world, the miraculous world of the Mirage! … Continue reading