Marvel Preview #24, Winter/1980

Marvel Preview #24, Winter/1980… Paradox… Paul Gulacy cover

Marvel Preview #24, Winter/1980 Marvel, 1.25 Paul Gulacy cover Val Mayerik frontispiece Full-length SF adventure featuring Paradox’s only appearance. Written by Bill Mantlo, art by Val Mayerik. Mayerik was already something of a comic celebrity, being the co-creator of Howard … Continue reading

Marvel Preview #12, Fall/1977

Marvel Preview #12, Fall/1977… Earl Norem cover

Marvel Preview #12, Fall/1977 Curtis (Marvel), 1.00 Earl Norem cover John Buscema/Ernie Chan frontispiece All-horror issue titled The Haunt Of Horror, featuring Dracula & daughter of Dracula, Lilith. *Get it at* Includes: Editorial by Roger Slifer, pin-up illustration by … Continue reading

Marvel Preview #9, Winter/1976

Marvel Preview #9, Winter/1976… Philip Wylie’s “Gladiator”

Marvel Preview #9, Winter/1976 Curtis (Marvel), 1.00 Earl Norem cover Mad Castrillo frontispiece Marvel Comics’ adaptation of Philip Wylie‘s influential 1930 novel Gladiator, retitled “Man-God” for this adaptation. Only the first half of the novel was adapted for this issue. … Continue reading