Men Vol 10 #12, 12/1961

Men Vol 10 #12, 12/1961 Atlas, 35¢ editorial director: Bruce J Friedman Cover by Harry Schaare Contents: How To Pile Up A Fortune Buying Old Tanks, Planes And Other Government Surplus – interview with James Garvey of the US General … Continue reading

Glance Vol 3 #5. June/1960

Glance Vol 3 #5, June/1960 – Elizabeth Taylor cover

Glance Vol 3 #5, 6/1960 Cape Magazine Management, 35¢ Celebrity photo mag with a few oddball stories interspersed. Elizabeth Taylor cover. Oh, and someone finally found the abominable snowman. *Get Elizabeth Taylor stuff at* Contents: How’s Your Bath Appeal? … Continue reading

Miss Marple #5 – Murder With Mirrors by Agatha Christie (Pocket 1021 – 1954)

“I haven’t done badly out of marriage,” said Ruth Van Rydock, “take it by and large.” Miss Jane Marple thought Ruth was putting it mildly. Ruth had been married three times, each time to an extremely wealthy man, and the … Continue reading

The Shook-Up Generation by Harrison E Salisbury (Crest D775 – 1965)

The headline-making book on juvenile delinquency, by Pulitzer Prize winner Harrison E. Salisbury. Teen-age terror in slum and suburb, a shocking exposé of juvenile delinquency. Introduction by Eleanor Roosevelt. Title: The Shook-Up Generation Author: Harrison E Salisbury Imprint & Number: … Continue reading