Enigma From Tantalus / The Repairmen Of Cyclops by John Brunner (Ace M-115 – 1965)

Enigma From Tantalus This Million-Headed Monster Had A Single-Minded Mission Originally serialized in the October & November, 1964 issues of Amazing Stories. The Repairmen Of The Cyclops The Body-Snatchers From Beyond Originally serialized in the January & February, 1965 issues … Continue reading

Orbit Unlimited by Poul Anderson (Pyramid G615 – 1961)

Earth had no room for them – their only escape was the most dangerous voyage of all time The colonist’s ships sped toward the far star – they were free at last from the tyrannical government that had oppressed them … Continue reading

The Fall Of The Dream Machine by Dean Koontz/The Star Venturers by Kenneth Bulmer (Ace 22600 – 1969)

Title: The Fall Of The Dream Machine/The Star Venturers Author: Dean Koontz/Kenneth Bulmer Imprint & Number: Ace 22600 Cover price: 60¢ Publication date: 1969 Cover artist: Jack Gaughan/John Schoenherr ISBN: none An Ace Double with both novels being paperback original … Continue reading