Male Vol 11 #6, 6/61

Male Vol 11 #6, June/1961

Male Vol 11 #6, 6/1961 Male Publishing, 35¢ editorial director: Bruce J Friedman Bruce Minney cover Contents: The Yank Flyer Who Led A Band Of Vengeance Brides – an account of  Cpl Gina Santelli, tailgunner shot down over Sicily, and his … Continue reading

Stag Vol 11 #7, July/1960

Stag Vol 11 #7, July/1960

Stag Vol 11 #7, 7/1960 Atlas, 35¢ editorial director: Noah Sarlat Cover by Mort Künstler Contents: The Sergeant Who Decoyed The Nazis’ Fraulein Werewolves – WWII story by James Collier; illustrated by Mort Künstler One Last Fight, One Last Drink, One … Continue reading