Pulp Fiction, ed. Maxim Jakubowski (Castle Books - 2002)

Pulp Fiction, ed. Maxim Jakubowski (Castle Books – 2002)

Fast action and wild, wild pleasure… The paper may have yellowed and crumbled away but the stories and a thousand thrills still hit the spot. Join the shady operators, voluptuous molls, ruthless bigshots, crooked (and sometimes honest) cops on a … Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock’s Games Killers Play (Dell 2790 – 1968)

Murder is nasty. Nice people don’t do it. Of course not. That’s why the world’s so safe. That’s why we all live to a ripe old age. So smile. Laugh. Above all, don;t get nervous. Because that master of murderous … Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock’s Noose Report (Dell 6455 – 1966)

14 breath-taking hangman’s knots that are not to be missed *get it at Amazon.com* Title: Alfred Hitchcock’s Noose Report Editor: Alfred Hitchcock Imprint & Number: Dell 6455 Cover price: 50¢ Publication date: 1966 Cover artist: Fred Banbery ISBN: none Featuring … Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock's Death Bag

Alfred Hitchcock’s Death Bag (Dell 1814 – 1971)

Open it. Look inside. But don’t say we didn’t warn you! Murderers of the world, just go do your thing! Don’t let the squares stunt your self-expression. Painters need canvas and paint. Writers need paper and ink. And an artist … Continue reading