Poirot #23: The Patriotic Murders by Agatha Christie (Pocket, 1943)

Title: The Patriotic Murders Author: Agatha Christie Imprint & Number: Pocket 249 Cover price: none Publication date: 11/1943 Cover artist: H Lawrence Hoffman Originally published as One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. From the back cover: Death At The Dentist’s The … Continue reading

Kent Murdock #10: The Hollow Needle by George Harmon Coxe (Dell, 1954)

Title: The Hollow Needle Editor: George Harmon Coxe Imprint & Number: Dell 757 Cover price: 25¢ Publication date: 1954 Cover artist: Verne Tossey From the back cover: The Voice Was  Voice Of A Dead Man Kent Murdock, crack newspaper photographer, … Continue reading