Epic Illustrated #2, Summer/1980

Epic Illustrated #2, Summer/1980… Richard Corben cover

Epic Illustrated #2, Summer/1980 Marvel, 2.00 Richard Corben bondage cover Marvel’s answer to Heavy Metal, their first true foray into illustrated adult fantasy. Featuring: Almuric – part I of a 4-part adaptation of the Robert E Howard novel Roy Thomas … Continue reading

Weird Worlds #10, 10-11/74

Weird Worlds #10, 10-11/74… Ironwolf by Howard Chaykin

Weird Worlds Vol 3 #10, 10-11/1974 DC Comics, 20¢ *Get this issue at Amazon.com* Cover by Mike Kaluta DC’s moderately successful SF-Fantasy title featuring Howard Chaykin‘s Ironwolf. Home World story & art by Chaykin, Denny O’Neil script Tales Of The … Continue reading