Eerie #7, Jan/1967

Eerie #7, Jan/1967… Frank Frazetta cover

Eerie #7, 1/67 Warren, 35¢ Frank Frazetta cover Frontispiece: Eerie‘s Monster Gallery: The Hydra by Gray Morrow *Get EERIE at* Contents: Witches’ Tide Archie Goodwin story, Gene Colan art It That Lurks Goodwin story, Dan Adkins art Hitchhike Horror!Goodwin … Continue reading

Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994

Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994… Frank Frazetta cover

Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994 Penthouse International, 4.95 Frank Frazetta cover (never-before published) Before the internet and the age of the digitization of everything, comics were everywhere. By 1994, they’d evolved from “funny books” but weren’t quite prestigious enough for each … Continue reading

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #6, May/1999

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #6, May/1999

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #6, May/1999 Quantum Cat, 5.99 Frank Frazetta cover, reprinted from Eerie #23 Frazetta paintings were the draw for the entire 8-issue run of this fantasy anthology mag. Unfortunately the previously-published covers, as fantastic as they are, … Continue reading

Eerie #2, 3/66

Eerie #2, 3/66… Frank Frazetta cover

Eerie #2, 3/66 Warren, 35¢ Frank Frazetta cover Jack Davis back cover Contents: Footsteps of Frankenstein – A retired doctor pieces things together in his spare time Archie Goodwin story, Reed Crandall art One For De-Money – Have a lesson … Continue reading

Eternal Champion #2: The Silver Warriors by Michael Moorcock (Dell 17994 – 1978)

The Eternal Champion Returns! HERO In every age, in every world, when peril cast its fearsome shadow over mankind, he was called. Always his weapon waited – Stormbringer, Durandal – the Black Sword in its many forms. Now, in a … Continue reading

Carson Napier #4: Escape On Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ace 21563 – 1974)

Carson Napier, Earth’s first astronaut, found more trouble than he’d bargained for when he helped Duare, princess of Vepaja, escape her captors on the unmapped, cloud-shrouded planet of Venus. They found Mypos, the country of the amphibians; they found the … Continue reading

Swordsmen In The Sky, ed. Donald A Wollheim (Ace F-311 – 1964)

Great Stories of interplanetary adventure The millions of readers who have discovered in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs the fascination of sword-and-wonder adventures on distant planets among exotic peoples have called forth an insistent demand for more! It is … Continue reading

Conan #1: Conan by Howard, de Camp & Carter (Lancer 75104-095 – 1971)

Here are seven of the most exciting Conan stories, including three never before published anywhere. Meet Conan, the gigantic adventurer from Cimmeria – and discover one of the greatest thrills in modern fiction! With important background material, and a new, … Continue reading