Infinity Science Fiction, 10/56

Infinity Science Fiction, 10/56

Infinity Science Fiction V1 #5, 10/56, 35¢ Cover by Ed Emshwiller, illustrates Ellison’s story Interior illustrations by Ed Emshwiller, Robert Engle, Paul Orban, Lee *Get it at* Includes: Lower Than Angels by Algis Budrys The Silver Corridor by Harlan … Continue reading

Enigma From Tantalus / The Repairmen Of Cyclops by John Brunner (Ace M-115 – 1965)

Enigma From Tantalus This Million-Headed Monster Had A Single-Minded Mission Originally serialized in the October & November, 1964 issues of Amazing Stories. The Repairmen Of The Cyclops The Body-Snatchers From Beyond Originally serialized in the January & February, 1965 issues … Continue reading

The Valley Of Creation by Edmond Hamilton (Lancer 72-721 – 1964)

Alien forces struggle for mastery in a forgotten land where beasts have more-than-human powers Revised by the author for this first book publication A paperback original first edition, originally published in Startling Stories, July 1948. Title: The Valley Of Creation … Continue reading