Dracula Lives! #9, 11/1974

Dracula Lives! #9, 11/1974… Luis Dominguez cover

Dracula Lives! #9, 11/74 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Bondage cover by Luis Dominguez Magazine-size B&W comic magazine with articles & text stories. Includes an unfavorable review of the latest Dracula film from Hammer Studios, The Scars Of Dracula, with photos from … Continue reading

Bop #1, 1982

Bop #1, 1982 – America’s First & Only Music Comix Magazine

Bop #1, 1982 Kitchen Sink, 2.75 John Pound cover Rick Geary back cover – strip illustrating the first verse of The Beach Boys‘ “Surf City” Dismal sales led to cancellation after one issue of this odd, music-focused comic magazine. According … Continue reading