Infinity Science Fiction, 10/56

Infinity Science Fiction, 10/56

Infinity Science Fiction V1 #5, 10/56, 35¢ Cover by Ed Emshwiller, illustrates Ellison’s story Interior illustrations by Ed Emshwiller, Robert Engle, Paul Orban, Lee *Get it at* Includes: Lower Than Angels by Algis Budrys The Silver Corridor by Harlan … Continue reading

The Year’s Best S-F: 5th Annual Edition, ed. Judith Merril (Dell F118 – 1961)

Out Of This World Here are over 20 selections of the greatest in s.f…. culled from the thousands published during the past year… representing the best in adventure, excitement, originality, and sheer reading pleasure… chosen by Judith Merril, an editor … Continue reading

The Others, ed. Terry Carr (Gold Medal R2044 - 1969)

The Others, ed. Terry Carr (Gold Medal R2044 – 1969)

The Others are all around us – with their third eyes hidden, with their schemes for tyranny  concealed. A very few of us are in on the secret. Can you afford not to be? A paperback original first edition anthology. … Continue reading