The Horror In The Museum And Other Revisions

The Horror In The Museum And Other Revisions by HP Lovecraft (Carroll & Graf – 2002)

Every tale in this engrossing collection bears the unmistakable mark of the genius who inspired it—the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, H.P. Lovecraft. For Lovecraft not only revised the stories of his fellow adventurers in the haunting and haunted worlds … Continue reading

The Doom That Came To Sarnath And Other Stories by HP Lovecraft (Ballantine 33105 – 1985)

A collection of Dream Cycle & Cthulhu mythos tales. Edited and with introduction by Lin Carter. *Get it at* Title: The Doom That Came To Sarnath And Other Stories Author: HP Lovecraft Imprint & Number: Ballantine 33105 Cover price: … Continue reading

The Shuttered Room by Lovecraft & Derleth (Ballantine 03229-2 – 1973)

A brief anthology of Lovecraft pieces completed by Derleth. Not to be confused with The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces. Cover by John Holmes. Not THAT John Holmes… The cover identifies this as The Shuttered Room And Other Tales of … Continue reading

The Watchers Out Of Time by HP Lovecraft & August Derleth (Carroll & Graf – 1991)

An anthology of stories, “posthumous collaborations” between Lovecraft & Derleth, originally published as a collection in 1974. The Lurker At The Threshold, although included with the original 1974 Arkham House edition, was omitted from this edition and was published by … Continue reading

Cthulhu-The Mythos And Kindred Horrors by Robert E Howard (Baen, 1992)

The true gods of Earth existed long before our ancestors crawled mindless upon the shore: Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep… insatiate, tenebrous monsters, whose ultimate throne is Chaos. Greatest of all is he called Cthulhu. Only in ancient, blasphemous manuscripts can that … Continue reading

The Mask Of Cthulhu by August Derleth (Beagle 95107 – 1971)

“In His House At R’Lyeh Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming…” In these stories, six luckless humans feel the power of the dread Old One, Cthulhu, and plumb the depths of primordial horror in strange adventures in this world and more terrible … Continue reading

Pigeons From Hell by Robert E Howard (Zebra 189 – 1976)

A paperback original first edition, edited & with introduction by Glenn Lord. Get the illustrated edition here! Title: Pigeons From Hell Author: Robert E Howard Imprint & Number: Zebra 189 Cover price: 1.95 Publication date: 1976 Cover artist: Jeff Jones … Continue reading

Xiccarph by Clark Ashton Smith (Ballantine 02501-6 – 1972)

The third volume of short stories by Smith to be published as part of Ballantine’s Adult Fantasy series. A paperback original first edition. Introduction by Lin Carter. HP Lovecraft is largely to thank for the popularity Smith’s works recognize today. … Continue reading

Terror At Night (Avon 110)

Terror At Night, ed. Herbert Williams (Avon 110 – 1947)

A paperback original first edition with introduction by the editor. Title: Terror At Night Editor: Herbert Williams Imprint & Number: Avon 110 Cover price: none Publication date: 1947 Cover artist: George Mayers ISBN: none Contributing authors include HP Lovecraft – … Continue reading