Black Easter by James Blish

Black Easter by James Blish (Avon 59568 – 1982)

Title: Black Easter Author: James Blish Imprint & Number: Avon 59568 Cover price: 2.50 Publication date: 1982 Cover artist: Wayne Barlowe ISBN: 0-380-59568-0 Apocalypse In the eerie future, an obsessed man craves the ultimate experience – the end of the … Continue reading

Bullwhip Griffin by Sid Fleischman (Avon S263 – 1971)

Everybody Aboard for the craziest adventures in the history of the Old West with orphaned Jack Flagg and his loyal butler, Praiseworthy, whose sudden courage makes him the most feared man in the California gold rush – Bullwhip Griffin! Right … Continue reading