Enigma From Tantalus / The Repairmen Of Cyclops by John Brunner (Ace M-115 – 1965)

Enigma From Tantalus This Million-Headed Monster Had A Single-Minded Mission Originally serialized in the October & November, 1964 issues of Amazing Stories. The Repairmen Of The Cyclops The Body-Snatchers From Beyond Originally serialized in the January & February, 1965 issues … Continue reading

Carson Napier #4: Escape On Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ace 21563 – 1974)

Carson Napier, Earth’s first astronaut, found more trouble than he’d bargained for when he helped Duare, princess of Vepaja, escape her captors on the unmapped, cloud-shrouded planet of Venus. They found Mypos, the country of the amphibians; they found the … Continue reading

A Yank At Valhalla by Edmond Hamilton / The Sun Destroyers by Ross Rocklynne (Ace 93900 – 1973)

A Yank At Valhalla   Only A Mortal Could Escape The Twilight Of The Gods!   While on an Arctic expedition, a pilot discovers beings of Norse mythology aren’t mythological at all. A paperback original first edition by Hamilton, originally … Continue reading

Swordsmen In The Sky, ed. Donald A Wollheim (Ace F-311 – 1964)

Great Stories of interplanetary adventure The millions of readers who have discovered in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs the fascination of sword-and-wonder adventures on distant planets among exotic peoples have called forth an insistent demand for more! It is … Continue reading

The Best From Fantasy And Science Fiction 15th Series (Ace 05454 – 1966)

The finest stories from a whole year of the foremost fantasy magazine in the world. Cover by Panos Koutrouboussis. A paperback original first edition. Edited by Edward L Ferman. Contributors include Isaac Asimov Fritz Leiber Roger Zelazny Richard Wilson Zenna … Continue reading

Crime d’Amour by Paul Bourget / Germinie by Edmond & Jules De Goncourt (Ace D-16 – 1953)

Crime d’Amour French Masterpiece Of “Sensual Jealousy” Germinie Called the “real origin” of Zola’s NANA *Get it at Amazon.com* Title: Crime d’Amour / Germinie Author: Paul Bourget / Edmond & Jules De Goncourt Imprint & Number: Ace D-16 Cover price: … Continue reading

Dr Futurity & The Unteleported Man by Philip K Dick (Ace 15697 – 1972)

Dr. Futurity Jim Parsons is a talented doctor, skilled at the most advanced medical techniques and dedicated to saving lives. But after a bizarre road accident leaves him hundreds of years in the future, Parsons is horrified to discover an … Continue reading