Mike Farrel #2: The Million Dollar Babe by Carter Brown (Signet, 1961)

Title: The Million Dollar Babe (originally published as Cutie Cashed His Chips) Author: Carter Brown (pseudonym of Alan Yates) Imprint & Number: Signet D3636 Cover price: 50¢ Publication date: 1961 Cover artist: Ronnie Lesser From the back cover: Sultry Sizzling … Continue reading

The Bitter Love by Don King (Newsstand Library U124, 1959)… vintage lesbiana

Title: The Bitter Love Author: Don King Imprint & Number: Newsstand Library U124 Cover price: .50 Publication date: 12/1959 Cover artist: uncredited Brenda Hartford had good reason to lock her past deeply in her subconscious… to forget the sordid tenement … Continue reading

Brand Of The Werewolf by Kenneth Robeson

Doc Savage #5: Brand Of The Werewolf by Kenneth Robeson

Title: Brand Of The Werewolf Author: Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson Imprint & Number: Bantam F3573 Cover price: 50¢ Publication date: 1965 Cover artist: Mort Künstler ISBN: 0-553-02239-3 Seeking to avenge his brother’s murder, Doc Savage and his daring … Continue reading

The Invisible Man by HG Wells (Bestseller Classic CL451)

The Invisible Man by HG Wells (Bestseller Classic CL451)

The classic tale of Griffin, the stereotypical “mad scientist,” who discovers an invisibility serum, then, of course, madness. Originally serialized in Pearson’s Magazine in 1897 and published in book form the same year. The basis for countless adaptations and parodies, … Continue reading

The Year’s Best S-F: 5th Annual Edition, ed. Judith Merril (Dell F118 – 1961)

Out Of This World Here are over 20 selections of the greatest in s.f…. culled from the thousands published during the past year… representing the best in adventure, excitement, originality, and sheer reading pleasure… chosen by Judith Merril, an editor … Continue reading

Star Trek (#1) by James Blish (Bantam F3459 – 1967)

Circling the solar sphere in search of new worlds and high adventure Captain James T. Kirk – Assigned to the top position in Space Service – Starship Command – Kirk alone must make decisions in his contact with other worlds … Continue reading

Tom Harmon’s Book Of Sports Information (American Sports Library 108 – 1963)

A paperback original first edition by former college football star and sportscaster Tom Harmon.   *Get it at Amazon.com* Title: Tom Harmon’s Book Of Sports Information Author: Tom Harmon with Jim Benagh Imprint & Number: American Sports Library 108 Cover … Continue reading