Enigma From Tantalus / The Repairmen Of Cyclops by John Brunner (Ace M-115 – 1965)

Enigma From Tantalus This Million-Headed Monster Had A Single-Minded Mission Originally serialized in the October & November, 1964 issues of Amazing Stories. The Repairmen Of The Cyclops The Body-Snatchers From Beyond Originally serialized in the January & February, 1965 issues … Continue reading

Perry Mason #53: The Case Of The Lucky Loser by Erle Stanley Gardner (Pocket 4521 – 1963)

“Listen to this,” said Paul Drake to Perry Mason. “According to this telegram, the corpse died twice. Now we’ve had everything!” Perry Mason turned to Della Street. “Get out the blanks for a petition of habeas corpus. I have a … Continue reading

Perry Mason #64: The Case Of The Spurious Spinster by Erle Stanley Gardner (Pocket 4515 – 1963)

“Your Client’s Guilty Perry,” said Paul Drake. “And what’s more, I’m betting that within twenty-four hours Amelia Corning’s body will be discovered somewhere and you’ll find your client charged with another murder.” ◊ “She may be charged with a murder,” … Continue reading

Cool & Lam #8: Cats Prowl At Night by AA Fair

Personal… Private… Confidential These are the ominous words on the mysterious letters Mrs. Everett Belder received from an unknown source. haunting letters that posed startling questions. Letters like the one that began: ” Dear Mrs. Belder: Who was the woman … Continue reading

Doc Savage #6: The Lost Oasis by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam E3017 - 1965)

Doc Savage #6: The Lost Oasis by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam E3017 – 1965)

While seeking to solve the mystery of “the trained vampire murders,” Doc Savage and his amazing crew suddenly find themselves prisoners of Sol Yuttal and Hadi-Mot aboard a hijacked Zeppelin. Their deadly destination is a fabulous lost diamond mine guarded … Continue reading

Doc Savage #8: The Land Of Terror by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam E3042 – 1965)

A vile greenish vapor was all that remained of the first victim of the monstrous Smoke of Eternity. There would be thousands more if Kar, master fiend, had his evil way. Only Doc Savage and his mighty five could stop … Continue reading