Mike Shayne #3: The Uncomplaining Corpses (Dell, 1963)

Title: The Uncomplaining Corpses Author: Brett Halliday (pseudonym of Davis Dresser) Imprint & Number: Dell 9216 Cover price: .40 Publication date: 1963 Cover artist: Robert McGinnis From the back cover: Home Sweet Homicide “You’re okay, sweetheart,” Shayne said as he … Continue reading

Mike Shayne #38: Killers From The Keys by Brett Halliday (Dell, 1962)

Title: Killers From The Keys Author: Brett Halliday (pseudonym of Ryerson Johnson) Imprint & Number: Dell 4476 Cover price: .40 Publication date: 1962 Cover artist: Robert McGinnis From the back cover: The man in cabin three at the Pink Flamingo … Continue reading

Skylark #1: The Skylark Of Space by Edward E Smith (Pyramid F-764 – 1962)

It Started On Earth… Scientist Richard Seaton had discovered the secret of complete release of ultimate energy – the key to space flight. The powerful, unscrupulous DuQuesne, backed by a great industrial combine, tried murder and theft to gain the … Continue reading

Swordsmen In The Sky, ed. Donald A Wollheim (Ace F-311 – 1964)

Great Stories of interplanetary adventure The millions of readers who have discovered in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs the fascination of sword-and-wonder adventures on distant planets among exotic peoples have called forth an insistent demand for more! It is … Continue reading