The Frankenstein Papers

The Frankenstein Papers by Fred Saberhagen (Baen, 1986)

Title: The Frankenstein Papers Author: Fred Saberhagen Imprint & Number: Baem 65550-7 Cover price: 3.50 Publication date: 2/1986 Cover artist: Steve Hickson A paperback original first edition. Dr. Frankenstein’s creature attempts to discover the truth behind his creation. With help … Continue reading

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Title: The Martian Chronicles Author: Ray Bradbury Imprint & Number: Bantam 26363-3 Cover price: 3.50 Publication date: 1985 Cover artist: Ian Miller ISBN: 0-553-26363-3 Leaving behind a world on the brink of destruction, man came to Mars and found the … Continue reading

My Girl by Patricia Hermes (Archway 75929-9 – 1991)

When your dad’s an undertaker, your mom’s in heaven, and your grandma’s got a screw loose…it’s good to have a friend who understands you. Even if he’s a boy. Novelization of the film, based on the screenplay by Laurice Elehwany. … Continue reading

Travis McGee #6: Bright Orange For The Shroud by John D MacDonald

The fragile-looking blonde was like a black widow spider feeding on her mate till he was broke and drained dry, a walking zombie stumbling aboard the celebrated houseboat The Busted Flush. And there lolls Travis McGee, that free-lance knight in … Continue reading