Sir Henry Merrivale #19: A Graveyard To Let by Carter Dickson (Dell, 1951)

Title: A Graveyard To Let Author: John Dickson Carr writing as Carter Dickson Imprint & Number: Dell 543 Cover price: .25 Publication date: 1951 Cover artist: Barye Phillips A Dell mapback. From the interior: When a man vanishes into thin … Continue reading

Ellery Queen #11: The Door Between by Ellery Queen (Pocket, 1952)

Title: The Door Between Editor: Ellery Queen Imprint & Number: Pocket 471 Cover price: .25 Publication date: 8/1952 Cover artist: Frank McCarthy Greenwich Village Is Plenty Weird Take Karen Leith’s house. It faced Washington Square, meeting place for poets and … Continue reading

Q.B.I. by Ellery Queen (Pocket, 1956)

Title: Q.B.I. (Queen’s Bureau of Investigation) Editor: Ellery Queen Imprint & Number: Pocket 1118 Cover price: .25 Publication date: 5/1956 Cover artist: photo by Milton Herder A collection of short stories previously published in This Week, Today’s Family and Ellery … Continue reading

Kent Murdock #10: The Hollow Needle by George Harmon Coxe (Dell, 1954)

Title: The Hollow Needle Editor: George Harmon Coxe Imprint & Number: Dell 757 Cover price: 25¢ Publication date: 1954 Cover artist: Verne Tossey From the back cover: The Voice Was  Voice Of A Dead Man Kent Murdock, crack newspaper photographer, … Continue reading