Bizarre Adventures #27, 7/81 - Secret Lives Of The X-Men

Bizarre Adventures #27, 7/81… Secret Lives Of The X-Men

Bizarre Adventures #27, 7/81 Marvel, 1.25 Paul Gulacy cover John Buscema/Klaus Janson frontispiece This was released just as the X-Men began to experience their meteoric rise in popularity. There was only one X-title, The Uncanny X-Men, on which John Byrne … Continue reading

Bizarre Adventures #25, 3/81

Bizarre Adventures #25, 3/81… Paul Gulacy cover

Bizarre Adventures #25, 3/81 Marvel, 1.25 Paul Gulacy cover & frontispiece As good as Gulacy is, his Misty Knight looks Latina rather than African-American. Michael Golden contents page illo First issue under this title. Formerly titled Marvel Preview. Lethal Ladies … Continue reading

Eerie #126, 11/81

Eerie #126, 11/81… Richard Corben cover

Eerie #126, 11/81 Warren, 2.00 Richard Corben cover Contents: Zud Kamish: Crabs – Shobi crabs had been a prize delicacy, stupid as a stone, and easy to hunt – a bonanza for crab hunters! But lately they’ve been turning on … Continue reading