Marvel Preview #24, Winter/1980

Marvel Preview #24, Winter/1980… Paradox… Paul Gulacy cover

Marvel Preview #24, Winter/1980 Marvel, 1.25 Paul Gulacy cover Val Mayerik frontispiece Full-length SF adventure featuring Paradox’s only appearance. Written by Bill Mantlo, art by Val Mayerik. Mayerik was already something of a comic celebrity, being the co-creator of Howard … Continue reading

Epic Illustrated #2, Summer/1980

Epic Illustrated #2, Summer/1980… Richard Corben cover

Epic Illustrated #2, Summer/1980 Marvel, 2.00 Richard Corben bondage cover Marvel’s answer to Heavy Metal, their first true foray into illustrated adult fantasy. Featuring: Almuric – part I of a 4-part adaptation of the Robert E Howard novel Roy Thomas … Continue reading

Conan And The Spider God by L Sprague de Camp (Bantam 13837-5 – 1980)

Fleeing the Priest of Erlik’s revenge, Conan escapes to Sultanapur only to be accused of abducting the King’s favorite wife, Jamilah. Now, with a price on his head, the bold barbarian must pursue Jamilah’s captors into the Temple of Zath, … Continue reading