The Shadow #2: The Black Master by Maxwell Grant (Pyramid, 1974)

Title: The Black Master Author: Walter B. Gibson as Maxwell Grant Imprint & Number: Pyramid N3478 Cover price: .95 Publication date: 10/1974 Cover artist: Jim Steranko Originally published in Shadow Magazine, 3/32. From the back cover: Who Knows What Evil … Continue reading

Savage Tales #4, 5/1974, Neal Adams cover

Savage Tales #4, 5/1974… Neal Adams cover

Savage Tales #4, 5/74 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Neal Adams cover P Craig Russell interior front & back covers (forms poster) Marvel’s second magazine-sized title developed to compete with Warren’s Creepy, Eerie & Vampirella. Includes: Night Of The Dark God – … Continue reading

Dracula Lives! #9, 11/1974

Dracula Lives! #9, 11/1974… Luis Dominguez cover

Dracula Lives! #9, 11/74 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Bondage cover by Luis Dominguez Magazine-size B&W comic magazine with articles & text stories. Includes an unfavorable review of the latest Dracula film from Hammer Studios, The Scars Of Dracula, with photos from … Continue reading

The Haunt Of Horror #1, May/1974

The Haunt Of Horror #1, May/1974… Bob Larkin cover

The Haunt Of Horror #1, May/1974 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Bob Larkin cover Alfredo Alcala frontispiece Standard B&W horror fare from the early ’70s, except for an original short story by SF author George Alec Effinger. *Get it at* Includes: … Continue reading

The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #4, 9/1974

The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #4, 9/1974… Neal Adams cover

The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #4, 9/74 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Neal Adams cover featuring David Carradine of TV’s Kung Fu Kung Fu mania hit the U.S. hard in the early ’70s. Interest in martial arts grew astronomically, thanks to … Continue reading

Weird Worlds #10, 10-11/74

Weird Worlds #10, 10-11/74… Ironwolf by Howard Chaykin

Weird Worlds Vol 3 #10, 10-11/1974 DC Comics, 20¢ *Get this issue at* Cover by Mike Kaluta DC’s moderately successful SF-Fantasy title featuring Howard Chaykin‘s Ironwolf. Home World story & art by Chaykin, Denny O’Neil script Tales Of The … Continue reading

The Spirit #1, April/1974

The Spirit #1, April/1974

The Spirit #1, 4/1974 Warren, $1.00 Cover by Basil Gogos Written & illustrated by Will Eisner except where noted Magazine-size B&W newspaper reprints of The Spirit color newspaper sections, with a single color story. *Get Will Eisner stuff at* … Continue reading

The Lacquer Screen by Robert Van Gulik

Judge Dee #8: The Lacquer Screen by Robert Van Gulik (Paperback Library 75-453 – 1974)

The Lacquer Screen finds Judge Dee consorting with criminals as he goes incognito into the underworld of Weiping. Bargaining with thieves, sharing beds with prostitutes, he discovers the evidence to expose among the upper classes fraud, perversion – and murder. … Continue reading

Carson Napier #4: Escape On Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ace 21563 – 1974)

Carson Napier, Earth’s first astronaut, found more trouble than he’d bargained for when he helped Duare, princess of Vepaja, escape her captors on the unmapped, cloud-shrouded planet of Venus. They found Mypos, the country of the amphibians; they found the … Continue reading

The ‘Vette And Other Great Cars You Won’t Forget by Jay Schleifer (Pal Y3 – 1974)

A juvenile book profiling the Corvette, Model-T, Jeep, Chaparral, Indy jet car, Volkswagen Beetle, and the Ford GT40. Edited by Patricia McCarthy. *Copies available from* Title: The ‘Vette And Other Great Cars You Won’t Forget Author: Jay Schleifer Imprint … Continue reading