Tarzan Alive by Philip Jose Farmer

Tarzan Alive by Philip Jose Farmer (Popular Library – 1973)

Title: Tarzan Alive: A Definitive Biography Of Lord Greystoke Author: Philip Jose Farmer Imprint & Number: Popular Library Cover price: 95¢ Publication date: 1973 Cover artist: Richard Amsel ISBN: 445-00427-095 Tarzan Lives! Through the brilliant, exhaustive research of Philip Jose … Continue reading

Tales Of The Zombie #2, 10/1973

Tales Of The Zombie #2, 10/1973… Boris Vallejo cover

Tales Of The Zombie Vol 1 #2, 10/73 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Cover by Boris Vallejo The voodoo craze of the early ’70s resulted in a multitude of books and magazines on the subject. Not to miss out on any voodoo … Continue reading

Dracula Lives! #3, 10/73

Dracula Lives! #3, 10/73… Neal Adams cover

Dracula Lives! #3, 10/73 Curtis (Marvel), 75¢ Cover by Neal Adams Magazine-size B&W comic magazine with articles & text stories. Photos from the Hammer Dracula films, featuring Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing, throughout. Includes a celebrity face-off of sorts with … Continue reading

A Yank At Valhalla by Edmond Hamilton / The Sun Destroyers by Ross Rocklynne (Ace 93900 – 1973)

A Yank At Valhalla   Only A Mortal Could Escape The Twilight Of The Gods!   While on an Arctic expedition, a pilot discovers beings of Norse mythology aren’t mythological at all. A paperback original first edition by Hamilton, originally … Continue reading

The Godmakers by Frank Herbert (Berkley 2344 – 1973)

The Company Of Gods On a planet at the edge of the galaxy long torn by devastating wars, a man is assigned to monitoring duties – to detect any sign of aggressiveness that might trigger another conflict. In fulfilling this … Continue reading

Dwellers In The Mirage by A Merritt

Against the savage color of a monstrous myth-world come true, A. Merritt, master of science-fiction adventure, spins a hair-raising tale of LEIF LANGDON, suddenly ripped from the 20th century and plunged into another world, the miraculous world of the Mirage! … Continue reading

The Book Of Frank Herbert (DAW 39 – 1973)

Add to the names of HEINLEIN CLARKE BRUNNER ALDISS and other titans of science fiction the name of FRANK HERBERT whose epic novel DUNE made SF best-seller history – along with his DUNE MESSIAH, THE SANTAROGA BARRIER, and others. DAW … Continue reading