The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, 9/68

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction V35 #3 (#208) 9/68, 50¢ Cover: Chesley Bonestell Stories: Piers Anthony – Sos the Rope (conclusion of the serialized story which became the first chapter of the Battle Circle series) Ed Jesby – … Continue reading

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming (1968)

Movie edition published in conjunction with the 1968 film, with Dick Van Dyke cover. Interior illustrations by John Burningham. This edition was published by Scholastic under their Starline imprint and distributed by Signet. It includes Signet numbering on the front … Continue reading

Humor • Horror • And The Supernatural by Saki (Scholastic T 599 – 1968)

Tobermory – the cat that listened… and talked! Gabriel-Ernest – the handsome young werewolf! Sredni Vashtar – a living dream of revenge! Plus: The Disappearance of Crispina Umberleigh, The Wolves of Cernogratz, The Seven Cream Jugs, Filboid Studge, Mrs. Packletide’s … Continue reading

Thongor #4: Thongor In The City Of Magicians by Lin Carter (Paperback Library 53-665 – 1968)

The magician’s eyes gleamed with emerald hellfires as he charged the Council of Nine. “Let us enact upon Thongor of Valkarth the most terrible punishment conceivable to human intelligence… the eternal slavery of the soul to Chaos.” If the curse … Continue reading

Travis McGee #10: The Girl In The Plain Brown Wrapper by John D MacDonald (Gold Medal T2023 - 1968)

Travis McGee #10: The Girl In The Plain Brown Wrapper by John D MacDonald (Gold Medal T2023 – 1968)

10th in the bestselling series featuring that intrepid savior of ladies in distress, the free-lance knight whose armor covers a heart of 14-karat gold – Travis McGee! The incomparable Travis McGee is back in a brand-new adventure! Poking around where … Continue reading