Eerie #2, 3/66

Eerie #2, 3/66… Frank Frazetta cover

Eerie #2, 3/66 Warren, 35¢ Frank Frazetta cover Jack Davis back cover Contents: Footsteps of Frankenstein – A retired doctor pieces things together in his spare time Archie Goodwin story, Reed Crandall art One For De-Money – Have a lesson … Continue reading

The Edge Of Tomorrow by Howard Fast

The Edge Of Tomorrow by Howard Fast (Bantam F3309 – 1066)

Way Out! Howard Fast, author of some of the most popular books of our time, leaps all the barriers of time and space and imagination to create some of the most startling, provocative science fiction stories ever written. Read them … Continue reading

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction, 7/66

The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction V31 #1 (#182) 7/66, 50¢ Cover: Chesley Bonestell Stories: Keith Laumer – Founder’s Day Ardrey Marshall – Brain Bank Jack Vance – The Manse Of Iucounu (eventually incorporated into the Dying Earth series … Continue reading

Al Wheeler #33: Target For Their Dark Desire by Carter Brown (Signet D3017 – 1966)

She was the hottest sexpot on the market until she ran into murder. And then she was a very cold dish indeed. A paperback original first edition featuring detective Al Wheeler. Title: Target For Their Dark Desire Author: Carter Brown … Continue reading

Worlds For The Taking by Kenneth Bulmer (Ace F-396 – 1966)

Terran Corps scattered their ships outward into the glittering galaxies. Solterra’s prime objective: orbital reconstruction of the far-flung planets. They had tightened up Solterra’s galaxy and had made mankind secure against alien threats – or so Terrans believed. As Chief … Continue reading