Brand Of The Werewolf by Kenneth Robeson

Doc Savage #5: Brand Of The Werewolf by Kenneth Robeson

Title: Brand Of The Werewolf Author: Lester Dent writing as Kenneth Robeson Imprint & Number: Bantam F3573 Cover price: 50¢ Publication date: 1965 Cover artist: Mort Künstler ISBN: 0-553-02239-3 Seeking to avenge his brother’s murder, Doc Savage and his daring … Continue reading

Enigma From Tantalus / The Repairmen Of Cyclops by John Brunner (Ace M-115 – 1965)

Enigma From Tantalus This Million-Headed Monster Had A Single-Minded Mission Originally serialized in the October & November, 1964 issues of Amazing Stories. The Repairmen Of The Cyclops The Body-Snatchers From Beyond Originally serialized in the January & February, 1965 issues … Continue reading

Arthur Crook #23: Murder Comes Home by Anthony Gilbert (Pyramid R-1150 – 1965)

Murder Comes Home to a hidden killer as Arthur Crook takes A wig-wearing corpse a strangled strumpet a dead man’s coat a vanishing doctor and twists them into a hangman’s noose! 23rd in the Arthur Crook series. Title: Murder Comes … Continue reading

Mortals And Monsters by Lester del Rey (Ballantine U2236 – 1965)

Lester Del Rey Science fiction’s most argumentative writer. Mr del Rey is an authority on music, religion, biology, witchcraft, extra sensory perception, flying saucers and worse. In fact, he would probably be unbearable if it were not for his sense … Continue reading