Mike Shayne #38: Killers From The Keys by Brett Halliday (Dell, 1962)

Title: Killers From The Keys Author: Brett Halliday (pseudonym of Ryerson Johnson) Imprint & Number: Dell 4476 Cover price: .40 Publication date: 1962 Cover artist: Robert McGinnis From the back cover: The man in cabin three at the Pink Flamingo … Continue reading

Skylark #1: The Skylark Of Space by Edward E Smith (Pyramid F-764 – 1962)

It Started On Earth… Scientist Richard Seaton had discovered the secret of complete release of ultimate energy – the key to space flight. The powerful, unscrupulous DuQuesne, backed by a great industrial combine, tried murder and theft to gain the … Continue reading

The Sporting Parlor by Wanda Lane / Platinum Blonde by Alfred B Glaser (Dollar Double 952 – 1962)

The Sporting Parlor “You’re not the first girl John has put on the turf………. you’ll do things you would be ashamed to tell another whore” Platinum Blonde When you fight evil, sometimes you find yourself the biggest center of all … Continue reading

Return To Otherness by Henry Kuttner (Ballantine F619 – 1962)

A paperback original first edition anthology. Ballantine’s follow-up to Kuttner’s Bypass To Otherness. All stories jointly authored by Kuttner’s wife CL Moore. Although not credited in this book, she was credited at the time of each of the stories’ original … Continue reading