Marvel Super Special #10, Winter/1979

Marvel Super Special #10, Winter/1979: Star-Lord

Marvel Super Special #10, Winter/1979 Marvel, 1.25 Earl Norem & Peter Ledger cover After the success of Star Wars, science fiction comics were churned out at a rate not seen since the ’50s. The film proved there was definitely a … Continue reading

Stars #2: To Control The Stars by Robert Hoskins (Ballantine 25253-5 – 1977)

The Shrine Of Sacrifices Surrounded by armed, watchful soldiers, Shand and Luvici followed the priests down the low-ceilinged corridor. The smell of damp was everywhere. As they turned the corner, the two men had their first glimpse of the room … Continue reading

M*A*S*H #4: M*A*S*H Goes To Paris by Hooker & Butterworth (Pocket 78491 – 1975)

First in war, first in peace… Once again the intrepid gang from M*A*S*H – Hawkeye, Hot Lips, Trapper, radar and the General – are called to their country’s service. This time they’ve been called to rescue the US Government from … Continue reading

The Dain Curse by Dashiell Hammett (Vintage V-624 – 1978)

Everything about the Leggett diamond heist indicated to the Continental Op that it was an inside job. From the stray diamond found in the yard to the eyewitness accounts of a “strange man” casing the house, everything was just too … Continue reading