Penthouse Comix #2, 7-8/1994

Penthouse Comix #2, 7-8/1994… Adam Hughes cover

Penthouse Comix #2, 7-8/1994 Penthouse International, 4.95 Adam Hughes cover Top artists, young and old, contribute to the erotic comic magazine that attempted to topple Heavy Metal as the premier publication of its type. Definitely more erotic than Heavy Metal, … Continue reading

Men's Adventure Comix #5, 12/95-1/96

Men’s Adventure Comix #5, 12/95-1/96… Sorayama cover

Penthouse Men’s Adventure Comix #5, 12/95-1/96 Penthouse International, 4.95 Sorayama cover On the heels of the initial success realized by Penthouse Comix came Men’s Adventure Comix. Same basic themes with slightly less emphasis on the SF than it’s parent mag … Continue reading

Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994

Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994… Frank Frazetta cover

Penthouse Comix #4, 11-12/1994 Penthouse International, 4.95 Frank Frazetta cover (never-before published) Before the internet and the age of the digitization of everything, comics were everywhere. By 1994, they’d evolved from “funny books” but weren’t quite prestigious enough for each … Continue reading

The Man From S.T.U.D. #5: Tool Of The Trade by FW Paul (Lancer 73-811 – 1969)

Bret Steele meets the Girl from W.I.L.L.I.N.G. in Tool Of The Trade …not to mention Mafia goons, wife-swapping swingers, assorted murderers, and more far-out chicks than he can shake a stick at! A paperback original first edition by Paul W … Continue reading

The Sporting Parlor by Wanda Lane / Platinum Blonde by Alfred B Glaser (Dollar Double 952 – 1962)

The Sporting Parlor “You’re not the first girl John has put on the turf………. you’ll do things you would be ashamed to tell another whore” Platinum Blonde When you fight evil, sometimes you find yourself the biggest center of all … Continue reading