The Shadow #18: Murder Trail by Maxwell Grant (Jove, 1977)

Title: Murder Trail
Author: Walter B. Gibson as Maxwell Grant
Imprint & Number: Jove V4280
Cover price: 1.25
Publication date: 10/1977
Cover artist: Jim Steranko

Originally published in Shadow Magazine 3/15/33. From the back cover:

A European philanthropist was sending a secret emissary to America to collect money for the good of mankind. But where money was involved, no secret could be kept from the overlord of crime!

The emissary himself was the first to die. Then followed cold-blooded murder after cold-blooded murder – and with every innocent soul who died, more millions of dollars heaped up in the dark coffers of the underworld. The police, were baffled – for this was the work of an archvillain who called himself only “Crix”, a criminal genius so adept at covering his tracks that no man alive could discern them.

No man, that is, except one. And in the darkness that man watched and waited, following the murder trail, employing all his uncanny powers, fingering the triggers of his two huge-mouthed automatics in preparation for the blazing confrontation with evil. It was The Shadow!


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