Montgomery Nash #1: The Bloody Medallion by Richard Telfair (Gold Medal, 1960)

Title: The Bloody Medallion
Author: Richard Telfair (pseudonym of Richard Jessup)
Imprint & Number: Gold Medal 407 (British series)
Cover price: 2/-
Publication date: 1960
Cover artist: Bill Johnson

British edition, published by Frederick Muller Ltd, originally published in 1959 as number 847 of the American Gold Medal series.

From the back cover:

My name is Montgomery Nash and I am an agent in the European section of the Department of Counter Intelligence. Most of our work is done in teams and my partner is Paul Austin.

Was Paul Austin, I should say. His battered and beaten body was found yesterday. I still can’t believe it. For three years we’ve lived and thought as one man; we’ve been tortured, betrayed, starved. We’ve saved each other’s lives many times.

Well, Paul’s dead now and I have a mission – to find his killer and force him to die the ugly way my best friend did.

Montgomery Nash was featured in the only season (14 episodes) of the “Monty Nash” TV series from ’71 starring the prolific Harry Guardino, probably most widely remembered for his portrayal of Lt. Bressler in Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry films.

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