The Shadow #4: Hands In The Dark by Maxwell Grant (Pyramid, 1975)

Title: Hands In The Dark
Author: Walter B. Gibson as Maxwell Grant
Imprint & Number: Pyramid N3557
Cover price: .95
Publication date: 1/1975
Cover artist: Jim Steranko

Originally published in Shadow Magazine, 5/1932. From the back cover:

It was a message from a dead man. A small piece of paper worth a fortune in blood. Eight mysterious symbols that marked the beginning of a chain of violence executed by gangsters willing to kill for a code they did not understand. Only one man called the shots for this riddle: The Chief, whose reputation made any further identification unnecessary – and lethal.

Obviously a case for The Shadow – a cryptic message, a series of baffling murders, seemingly unrelated, and an invisible mastermind who choreographed killings for the highest stakes in town. The Shadow was on a trail leading straight to a brilliant trap – and a face-to-face encounter with a criminal genius determined to beat him at his own game!

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