John J. Malone #9: The Fourth Postman by Craig Rice (Pocket, 1950)

Title: The Fourth Postman
Author: Craig Rice
Imprint & Number: Pocket 651
Cover price: none
Publication date: 3/1950
Cover artist: Harvey Kidder

From the back cover:

1 Postman!
2 Postmen!
3 Postmen!
All Murdered!

John J. Malone sticks his nose into the case of the dead postmen and picks up a crack on the head, a dog that drinks beer, and six redheaded twins. It all began when he took on a new client, Rodney Fairfaxx. Rodney was tabbed for the postmen murders because he hadn’t received a letter from a dead girl for more than 30 years. Malone didn’t think that was enough reason to kill… but he couldn’t prove it. The suddenly the FOURTH POSTMAN arrived and he delivered the letter that broke the case!

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