The Shadow #14: The Creeping Death by Maxwell Grant (Pyramid, 1977)

Title: The Creeping Death
Author: Walter B. Gibson as Maxwell Grant
Imprint & Number: Pyramid V4206
Cover price: 1.25
Publication date: 5/1977
Cover artist: Jim Steranko

Originally published in Shadow Magazine, 1/15/33. From the back cover:

The lure of gold – that lust which has made men kill throughout the ages – had gripped the enemies of justice. The swindle of the century threatened to put the world at the mercy of either a power-hungry, underhanded financier and his cohorts, or an eccentric creator of synthetic gold. But the common purpose which brought Forster, Morales, and Armagnac to inventor Lucien Partridge did not stop them from cunningly plotting behind each others’ backs.

Only The Shadow could halt the creation of a Gold Empire. Garbed in black, silently stalking the streets, he alone could triumph over evil. The insidious princes of the underworld would be crushed by this Master Crime-Fighter – The Shadow!

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