The Brave Bulls by Tom Lea (Pocket, 1951)

Title: The Brave Bulls
Author: Tom Lea
Imprint & Number: Pocket 771
Cover price: none
Publication date: 1951
Cover artist: William Shoyer

Screen adaptation released in 1951, featuring Anthony Quinn & Mel Ferrer.

Illustrated by the author. From the back cover:

A Man Fights For Himself…

Luis Bello was the greatest bullfighter in Mexico. He had everything – family, friends, mistresses, money, and courage. But one day, Luis faced the brave bulls – and felt terror!

That afternoon, the crowd jeered at Luis. They threw pillows. They were watching a man whose violent heart was stripped bare.

Luis Bello met the last bull. His brother had been gored, his pride was gone. With a sudden, sure instinct that came in the presence of Death, Luis fought and killed the great, raging black bull! It was Luis Bello’s greatest moment. He was once again “The Swordsman of Guerreras.”

With Luis Bello, you will live through a man’s supreme victory – when he fights through violence, betrayal and death to find himself as a man.


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