Mike Shayne #25: Death Has Three Lives by Brett Halliday (Dell, 1961)

Title: Death Has Three Lives
Author: Brett Halliday (pseudonym of Davis Dresser)
Imprint & Number: Dell D423
Cover price: .35
Publication date: 6/1961
Cover artist: Robert McGinnis

From the back cover:

The Cops Couldn’t Wait

Mike Shayne needed time to crack his latest case – just a little more time and a lot more luck.

But the cops were getting impatient. They thought Shayne already knew more than he let on – much more – and they wanted in.

They knew and Shayne knew that Lucy Hamilton was next on the murderer’s agenda. Shayne said he would handle it in his own way.

If Lucy’s life and Mike’s neck were to be saved, Mike would have to work fast. It would take all his skill to break one of the most cleverly coded messages he had ever run up against.

And time was running out…


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