The Pigskin Bag by Bruno Fischer (Dell, 1955)

Title: The Pigskin Bag
Author: Bruno Fischer
Imprint & Number: Dell 817
Cover price: 25¢
Publication date: 1955
Cover artist: William George

It was an innocent leather suitcase, left by accident in Adam Breen’s car…

Innocent –
-until too many people claimed it… and one of them, seeking it at gunpoint, was murdered in Adam’s garage…
-until even the police refused to believe that Adam had not hidden it, or that he was not tied up with whatever its mysterious contents involved…
-until the very security of Adam’s wife and child were threatened, and he was forced to make a startling move to protect them…

Here is a gripping story of a man who, suddenly and innocently, is caught up in a violent whirlpool of confused terrors… What Adam Breen does – and what happens to him – will have you clutching the edge of your chair…

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