Mike Shayne #3: The Uncomplaining Corpses (Dell, 1963)

Title: The Uncomplaining Corpses
Author: Brett Halliday (pseudonym of Davis Dresser)
Imprint & Number: Dell 9216
Cover price: .40
Publication date: 1963
Cover artist: Robert McGinnis

From the back cover:

Home Sweet Homicide

“You’re okay, sweetheart,” Shayne said as he sat down on a brocaded sofa and looked at the girl in the silk kimono across from him. “Now how about that alibi?”

“What alibi?” she said sweetly.

“You know damn well what alibi,” Shayne said. “You were supposed to fix up one for last night.”

“You’re lying,” she said smoothly. She moved over until she was leaning against him.

“Look,” Shayne said, “that’s not what I want.”

She smiled. “Isn’t it?”

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